MSP Waves - Website & Scheduling For Broadcasting Network

Date Completed:

August 13, 2020

Web Address:

MSPWaves is the longstanding community based interactive broadcasting network for the Hive blockchain. Fundamentally, MSPWaves offers a fully interactive audio/video/text streaming system that allows people to communicate and run their own live shows 24/7. This exciting idea has proven popular, attracting a variety of show hosts and audiences, however, it was lacking a coherent website and essential scheduling features behind the scenes.

We developed a simplified, cleaner website interface to present MSPWaves to the world, plus enhanced a custom written server software that manages the livestream scheduling for the whole network. The enhanced server software enables the MSPWaves team to ammend their schedule and have their entire broadcasting system respond immediately, ensuring that the right stream goes live at the right time. Additionally, the new website also runs from the realtime scheduling system and adjusts the timing of upcoming shows correctly for the current user's localised region. Finally, the system automatically posts regular tweets to Twitter and updates to Discord servers to inform the community of upcoming shows and any other messages the MSPWaves team wants to distribute.

Decentralised projects allow individuals to be empowered on a relatively low budget to compete with the mega corporations who not so long ago had complete control of the 'airwaves' and we look forward to seeing where MSPWaves takes the broadcasting arena in years to come.

We created a new website & enhanced scheduling software for a 24/7 community broadcasting network, supporting audio/video live streams from around the world.
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