Crucial Web in an ethical, online marketing agency - specialising in providing digital marketing services for businesses, groups and individuals. We leverage the internet to help our clients as they build lasting relationships with their customers and communities. Our passion is to help our clients to reach their true potential online and to empower them to open new doors and possibilities in the process.

Our team has worked in a diverse range of fields including music publishing/production, events management, the hotel industry, healthcare and have produced software for the investment banking, social networking and cryptocurrency industries - among others. We love to employ disruptive technologies that stand a chance of reshaping our world for the better, so when you want to shake up the status quo, think of us!

We are happy to provide consultation on all of our areas of expertise and also directly manage areas of digital marketing for clients too, both short term and long term. If, like us, you've worked with other digital marketing companies and found your site's bounce rate hasn't dropped and it's conversion rates haven't increased, then we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by our approach. We don't make outlandish promises and we always take a methodical and scientific approach to growing our clients' projects, which means that all stakeholders have ways of understanding what's working, what isn't and what needs to change.

We are primarily based in the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, in England (UK) but often work remotely and are happy to serve clients internationally.

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Ethical Digital Marketing Agency

At the core of our value system is the understanding that life is about much more than financial success. We are dedicated to going the extra distance to ensure that our clients are respectful of the people they employ and of course the animals and planetary environment too. Naturally, this applies to us too and we know with certainty that everything we aim for in life is made easier to achieve when we respect the real needs of all involved and deeply consider all the implications of our actions.

The way we apply this to our business and to our relationship with our clients is simple:
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We don't use tactics that exploit people's psychological or emotional injuries or work with clients who do.

Crucial Information

We do our best to understand the supply chain of our clients and service providers, choosing only those who do the least amount of harm to life as possible.

Crucial Information

We will never work with clients who are involved in unethical activities, unless our involvement is specifically to help them evolve towards balance and an ethical future.

Crucial Information

Our Ethical and Eco Partner program offers extra help and discount to projects who can demonstrate they are in alignment with our values and who offer real value to our planetary environment and the future of humanity.

Crucial Information

We seek to work with those who respect animals equally to humans - We are 100% vegan friendly.

Digital Marketing Team

Our core team is small and agile, which we like as it enables us to adapt quickly to the ever changing needs of the internet and our clients too. We source experienced specialist contractors who work under our guidance when needed - however we are fully able to design and deliver many projects using only our in-house team.
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Nick Lankester

Free thinking co-founder of Crucial Web. Currently balancing systems engineering, music, information science and human evolution. Long term vegan & passionate advocate of decentralisation.

With over 30 years experience in computing and over 20 years in business, design and multimedia - Nick has much to offer those seeking help with a wide range of projects. He wrote his first computer program aged 4, just as home computers became available and since completing a degree in Applied Computing has gained experience in numerous industries and at all levels of project operations.

"I really enjoy solving the puzzles and challenges our clients face in the ever changing landscape of the internet. I aim to combine science and art as a single process that inspires, achieves goals and surpasses expectations. I founded the Crucial Web Digital Marketing Agency to help more people realise their greatness and follow their passion in ways that are sustainable both for them and for society as a whole."

You can often find Nick in the Norfolk area or in London - but he is happy to be available for remote clients when required.

Areas of expertise:

  • Software Engineering
  • Formal Systems Design
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Web programming languages (PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS Frameworks)
  • Server Configuration and Optimisation
  • SEO, CRO & Content Optimisation
  • Technology Consulting
  • Cryptocurrency Projects
  • Social Networking
  • Graphic design
  • Audio / Video Production & Engineering

Ryan Scott

Technology loving co-founder of Crucial Web. Always on the lookout for new and exciting tech trends that can change lives and help our clients.

With over 30 years experience working in the entertainment and events industry, Ryan is no stranger to being on the front line in demanding environments. Ryan has worked with a variety of corporate clients to help them achieve their branding and marketing goals within the corporate events space and particularly enjoyed his time managing production requirements in-house for Cafe de Paris in London - a well known venue in Piccadilly Circus.

Following on from this Ryan also worked on a number of media related internet start-ups and has also built and managed his own recording studio and artist management company which provided services to a variety of well known record labels and publishing companies across London. More recently, Ryan has spent much of his time working as a freelance digital media and technology consultant assisting and advising companies with their digital marketing strategies and content creation requirements.

Areas of expertise:

  • Technology Consultancy
  • eCommerce, Point of Sale & Shopify integration
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Project Management
  • Events Management
  • Sales & Customer Relationship Management
  • Video Production & Photography

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