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Love & Lilly is a recently launched jewellery shop that specialises in providing stylish and tasteful products at surprisingly low prices. While the essence of the brand had been clearly defined, the website was poorly optimised and organised, resulting in a poor user experience and poor levels of sales conversion. We undertook a process of iterative improvements across several areas of the existing Shopify based website in order to improve usability, customer experience and sales performance.

After fixing technical optimisation issues that were slowing the site to a crawl on key pages, we organised the entire product catalog, added new products and examined bottlenecks in the product discovery and sales process. While Shopify is generally well optimised for sales, it is still possible for custom themes and code to introduce fatal flaws, such as reducing page speed load and making the sales process more complicated than it needs to be. We re-arranged the product listings and made further design improvements to minimise the friction that customers experience while shopping, in order to motivate them to make a purchase and retain a happy memory of using the website.

Improvements to the site were tested in conjunction with paid advertising campaigns on social media networks, the results of which clearly demonstrated the sales performance improvements that our work had delivered. We continue to work with the Love & Lilly team, helping them move towards a post COVID19 world, where fun loving people are once again excited to buy and show off their jewellery freely in social settings.

Increased satisfaction & sales go hand in hand when optimising eCommerce websites. We helped the L&L team to improve their UX through intelligent design.
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