Dublup - Branding for Cryptocurrency Prediction Market App

Date Completed:

February 22, 2021

Web Address:


Dublup is a decentralised application that is based on the Hive blockchain and which allows users to win cryptocurrency by correctly predicting real world events. Crucial Web helped prepare the Dublup website for it's beta launch by providing a simple graphical front end design for the whole website, taking it from a bare bones monotone appearance to a blue/black dimmed theme that is both appealing and functional.

The aim of the design work for this stage of the project lifecycle was simply to provide an appearance that users could repeatedly identify, feel comfortable using and which would serve to establish a general look and feel for the project moving forwards. Future iterations of the website will include more advanced user experience features and will benefit from the analytics data generated during the early beta phase of public use, testing and feedback.

The conceptual designs were created in line with client feedback and were then converted into SCSS format and directly applied to the client's webserver.

We provided a beta phase design theme for this Dapp on the Hive blockchain. Users win crypto for making correct predictions about real world events.
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