Whatever your thoughts may be on the unprecedented restrictions on free movement that so many of us are seeing around us currently - due to the COVID-19 lockdowns - the fact remains that many service suppliers and businesses are losing huge amounts of income and are even facing closures which could become permanent. The main silver lining here is that many service suppliers are adjusting their business processes to allow them to continue by providing services remotely via the internet. This is something we at Crucial Web have been focusing on perfecting with our existing clients for some time.

We are absolutely ready to support numerous industries and are currently prioritising our time towards helping therapists and healthcare providers who want to start offering online telehealth / telecare sessions for their clients. We feel that the mental and emotional health of humanity is particularly at risk currently, due to the increased stresses and financial burdens that so many are now facing. Helping qualified specialists remotely deliver the care that so many people desperately need is one of the main services we, as a technologies service provider, can offer the community at this time.

Benefits of Telemedicine

The rapid acceleration of audio/video/internet technology in recent years now means we can quickly enable clinics and therapists to set up an entirely self sustaining sales and service process that includes automated scheduling, effortless 1 to 1 video appointments and straightforward invoicing too. Any traditional clinic can offer telehealth services easily and effectively in only a matter of weeks using our approach.

Telemedicine allows patients to remotely schedule appointments with the healthcare provider or therapist of their preference and to receive the care they need, directly to their computing device or smartphone, wherever they may be in the world. Not only does this dramatically improve the ease of access to healthcare for patients, but the increased efficiency also means that providers can help more people than would otherwise be possible.

The reduction in overheads and travel costs means that potentially both provider and patient may experience financial benefits – which is so essential during this time of great uncertainty.

While telecare obviously includes limitations with regards the ability for physical examinations, it remains a remarkably powerful tool for many other areas of care. Specialist systems also exist which allow for diagnostic information to be transmitted via telehealth software where needed – so essential medical information can be accessed by Doctors and caregivers despite them not being physically present.

Feedback from the healthcare industry is clear that many who had previously rejected offering online services are now finding that the benefits vastly outweigh their concerns and that they will be more than happy to continue providing telehealth services even after the current restrictions on movement end. If you would like to know more, do get in touch and we’d be glad to help you secure both your competitive edge and your ability to improve people’s well-being on into the foreseeable future.

CRUCIAL Telemedicine

Whether you have an existing website and client-base or have no online presence at all, we are able to help you to quickly realign your business towards providing online appointments and to once again effectively support your community’s healthcare needs. We are able to rapidly produce high quality websites and digital marketing campaigns, plus our experience in custom software solutions enables us to offer a ‘one stop shop’ service for all of your operational requirements.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions and we can discuss how telemedicine solutions might benefit your team and serve you for years to come!

Wishing you well,
The Crucial Web Team


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