We completed a website revamp for MSPWaves, the Livestreaming Broadcast platform for the decentralised Hive & Steemit crypto social networks - MSPWaves. The previous site was visually dated and visitors were finding it confusing to navigate. Our focus was on providing a simple and clean interface that highlights the strengths of the platform, specifically the 24/7 entertainment stream provided by members of the Hive & Steemit crypto community. MSPWaves provides original music, chat shows and other streamed content - allowing listeners and viewers to engage with hosts and the audience in real time, plus even to financially support them too.

After an initial consultation, we used Webflow to rapidly design a new responsive site theme based on a provided logo and colourscheme, which was accepted by the MSPWaves team on the first attempt. We then developed custom javascript code to interface the website with their data sources, such as the network's programming and scheduling system. We also added new functionality to automatically adjust the schedules so that they are displayed to visitors in their local time instad of UTC time. Finally, we delivered the code to their own webserver and configured it ready for use.

Overall, the response on crypto social media to the new look has been extremely positive and we will return to add new features, such as persistent audio streaming and embedded live community chat soon! Thanks for MSPWaves for a 5 Star review on Google My Business too!

If you are interested in having us help your project to grow, do get in touch with us.

Wishing you well,

The Crucial Web Team


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