Every so often, something of great value is discovered for free and that has no risk attached whatsoever – today you have found one of those things! We at Crucial Web, the digital marketing agency, are currently offering free, video based website reviews. They come with no obligation and so no risk – what’s not to like?

Gone are the days of simply making a website, waiting for search engines to index it and then watching the traffic queue up to check out your awesome content! Today’s internet is highly competitive and attracting valuable audience attention requires the correct strategy, some in-depth knowledge and attention to detail.

We appreciate that you probably just want to grow your project, business or make content and aren’t interested in the insides of how Google, Bing. Facebook and other web platforms work – which is part of why we offer professional digital marketing services. It’s also why our free website and digital marketing review will be of great use to you as you build your online audience.

Once you apply for a marketing review, one of our team of digital marketing experts will take a look at your website and assess whether your project is a good match for us to work with. If it is then we’ll record a custom video review (around 15 to 30 minutes in length) to let you know some of the ways that we have identified that you can improve your digital marketing strategy. Since we only have limited time in the day, we regret that we can’t record reviews for everyone that applies, but we’ll send everyone some free marketing tips as a minimum.

What’s in Our Website Review?

We analyse the design and content of your website, including it’s technical proficiency, appeal to humans, ease of use and it’s attractiveness to search engines. We’ll also take a look at your competitors, to see why they are beating you in search engine rankings and traffic – identifying what it will take for you to overtake them. We’ll explore options for paid advertising that you could be exploiting too – again, considering what your competition is doing in this area too.

We’ll record spoken advice and our findings in a video as we walk you through your website, so that you can see our recommendations in real time and understand why we’ve made them. We’ll be speaking in plain English, so you don’t need to be a tech guru to understand the advice we are offering you.

Putting Strategy Into Action!

If you like the strategy and tips that we have recommended, you are free to implement them yourself, hire someone to put them in place for you or totally ignore them! You have no obligation to us and won’t owe us any money.

Of course, we’d love the opportunity to work with you and that’s part of why we are offering you the free review – we believe that when you hear the advice we have to offer, you’ll be inspired to work with us directly. We’ll be in touch with you after you have had time to watch the video we send through to you, to discuss your feedback and to find out if you want to hire us to ignite your next stage of online growth!

To learn more about us and our free website review offer, check out our video below and head over to the free website review page to apply for yours.

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Wishing you well,

The Crucial Web Team

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